Black Magic Treatment: How To Protect Yourself Or Cancel A Spell?

Do you think you are the victim of a dark magic spell? Do you want to get rid of the evil eye? Here’s all you need to know to undo the magic and effectively practice the disengagement.

That’s why I thought it might be useful to know some remedies that can help you in these situations. But please, take these remedies as a tool that can help you on time, first of all always be rational, most of the time it is not just about stress, slight envy or specific situations. Also, if it is about energetic attacks, the subject is complex and the best thing would be that a reliable expert can provide you Black Magic Treatment and also you and evaluate your situation. Because sometimes the negative energies that affect you will go away alone, in others it may be solved with some of the remedies that I mention, and in others, the situation may be so complicated that it depends on other factors. The best thing is to stay calm and not become obsessed with the problem or with the solution.


And after this point we go with the remedies or treatment against “black magic”:

  • Ritual baths: They are very easy to prepare, you have to mix sea salt, rosemary, and rue. I advise you not to fill the bathtub and throw it into the water. In my case once mixed the elements in a jar, or bag. What I do is wetting my body, and then I’m taking handfuls of the mixture that I’m rubbing all over my body. While I concentrate eliminating the bad energies of my body, and that they can surround me. Once I have finished, I rinse myself well with water while mentally visualizing how it takes away impurities and at the same time protects me.
  • Burn rosemary and rue. You can prepare some bouquets or also called “smudge” with these plants (you can also put lavender) like the ones you see in the photo. These plants have great protective qualities, and since ancient times they burn in rooms where there are sick people because they are believed to help heal and ward off evil. Fortunately, rosemary is quite abundant in our fields, I really like working with it, and it has given me very good results. Of course, if you go to pick up the mountain, remember not to abuse the resources of Mother Earth, take only what is necessary.
  •  Create a witch bottle protection. To make your own you should make a small bottle, and fill it with equal parts of rice and red wool or red flower petals. First put the rice (which is better by weight below), and before putting the wool or petals in the bottle throw a paper with your name, or better yet hair or some organic element of your body. Then fill half with the red element and before closing the bottle add a little cinnamon powder. Once closed, seal it with red or white wax, and you will have created a protection tool.
  • Colors that protect: red and white. According to my spiritual guides, the combination of these two colors is a good protection against negative energies, since they are the colors of life. They will give us strength and protection, we can wear a white pendant with a red cord or vice versa.

These are not the only black magic treatment that you can find against the attacks of energies or negative entities, there are many more possibilities, as always the most important thing is that you adapt these remedies to yourselves, while respecting the base. You always have to be comfortable with what you do, or it will not help, if we do not connect 100% with what we are doing, the magic is diluted and lost in time.

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