What is and how to evil eye cure?

Many of us have heard about the evil eye or the eye. Some even claim to have been affected by this force and others claim to know how to cure the evil eye. But what exactly is the evil eye? Is it myth or reality? And how can one protect oneself from the eye? Mainly, what are the symptoms and how to evil eye cure?


What is the evil eye

The evil eye is a spell that is transmitted by the look when a person feels jealousy, envy or resentment voluntarily or involuntarily and can cause another suffer suffering that had never experienced. Among the consequences that the victim has to look at are: bad luck, sadness, fear and diseases that can even cause death.

What causes the evil eye?

Usually, it is believed that the eye is caused intentionally or that it comes from the envy and hatred that the person feels towards his “victim”, although there are many cases in which the evil eye can be unintentionally produced.

Most myths and urban legends have a root in reality. Being passed from culture to culture and generation to generation, details are modified and more myths are combined with the original story.

The evil eye can have many causes, but it is primarily a manifestation of energy. There are people who for one reason or another can manifest energies more effectively. This can produce positive but also negative results both in your life and in that of others.

In this sense, someone who believes faithfully in the evil eye can effectively live its symptoms and manifestations and attribute them to someone else. As a placebo effect, believing that you are under the evil eye can translate into physical and emotional symptoms.

Likewise, a person who is low in energy and protection may feel the effects of somebody else’s powerful energy that is concentrating on hurting or wishing him harm. In both cases, the specific vibration of negative energy can manifest itself concretely in the material plane, and depending on how vulnerable an individual is, it can do more or less damage.

Symptoms of evil eye

The symptoms of the evil eye vary depending on the age of the affected but also depend on who caused the evil. It is said that in children and babies, the symptoms of the evil eye include uncontrollable crying and no apparent cause, diarrhea, skin breakouts and nightmares. With the eye, there may also be loss of appetite or continued vomiting after eating.

In young people and adults, the symptoms of the evil eye are manifested as loss of appetite, fever, insomnia, chills and inability to concentrate. Other effects attributed to the evil eye include accidents, a run of bad luck and sudden loss of relationships, money or business.

A person under the effect of the evil eye will begin to feel nervous, frightened and agitated without cause, and then will have physical symptoms such as dizziness, nausea, diarrhea and headaches and backaches. There can also be a constant feeling of tightness in the chest – like a bad feeling.

The Evil Eye Cure & Protection

In many cultures it is believed that preventing or removing the evil eye is a matter of amulets or rituals. For example, in places in South America, it is believed that scrubbing an egg in the body of the affected person, then breaking it and putting it in a glass of water under the bed, absorbs energy and protects against the evil eye.

However, if we understand the evil eye or the eye as a psychic attack, the best evil eye cure and prevention against it is the purification and strengthening of our energy field and our environment. Likewise, let’s not feed the evil eye by believing in it. Our fear and constant worry in these cases reinforces the negative energy and makes us more vulnerable. Take preventive measures, protect yourself and focus on something else.

Spiritual healing is healing with the help of the soul of man. The real being is the immortal soul, who in this life animates and controls a body of flesh and blood. Taking into account the three areas of body, soul and spirit, the Spiritual Healer reveals the cause of an illness and gives the soul the necessary impulse to activate and direct the self-healing powers. That is, spiritual healing is essentially self-healing under the guidance and support of an experienced spiritual healer.

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